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American Sniper by Chris Kyle This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

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Former Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle was an American hero with unbelievable courage and determination. In this autobiography, he tells his intense stories through the eyes of a true warrior. His way of describing each mission is ­incredibly bold.

Chris Kyle was born in small, rural Texas with nothing but a dream. His first career was as a rancher, but he had always wanted to serve our great country and became one of the greatest SEALS ever. During Kyle's second NAVY training, his sergeants noticed his willingness to give his all. This was the start of a great's career.

Kyle went through the traditional, end. By the end of the training period, only Kyle and a few other warriors remained to earn the title Navy SEAL.
Starting as a ground soldier in Iraq, Kyle was noticeably intelligent and quick-thinking. His skills as a shooter helped him move up the military ranks. Eventually, he was promoted to one of the hardest and most intense fields, the Navy SEAL Sniper team. Kyle grew as a soldier and soon became one the SEALs' most lethal shooters ever.

Kyle's career is truly amazing. During his years serving the U.S., he accumulated over 250 confirmed kills and saved many lives. He earned two Silver Stars and tons of other elite military awards.

American Sniper is a book everyone should read. I would certainly recommend it to anyone because of how intricate and engaging it is. Kyle's stories unravel in a powerful way, and you will find yourself not wanting to put the book down.

True heroes like Chris Kyle and the thousands fighting to keep our country safe every day deserve to be appreciated. Pick up Kyle's autobiography today and enjoy the story of a Navy SEAL sniper told in his own words.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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Macy said...
today at 4:52 pm
Brilliant. This really tugs at my heart and makes me feel everything. This is one of my favorite things ever to read and I'm just so proud of you. Love you so much.
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