Divergent by Veronica Roth

January 23, 2013
By TylerF BRONZE, Cincinati, Ohio
TylerF BRONZE, Cincinati, Ohio
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Veronica Roth takes you into this amazing world where everyone at the age of 16 chooses the way they live. The government has set up four different places called factions; each factions acts a different way. There is the Brave and Daring, the Selfless, the Knowledgeable, and the Caring. All is fine until Tris figures out she is “Divergent” and has to keep this secret to keep her and the people she loves alive.

Divergent Is the story of a girl who has the choice of staying with her own faction of selfless people, or switch to a different faction. She decides to do the thing that not many people do, she switches factions. After going through different simulations, she figured out that she was “Divergent”. This was a huge secret she needed to keep to herself. This book goes through what happens because she is Divergent. The biggest conflict in the book is that she is Divergent and the government doesn’t like that.

One of the biggest things that I loved in this book was the setting. Veronica Roth has definitely put a lot of time and thought into the setting. Every place in this book is described in such great detail that you feel like you're actually there. An example of this is when she is talking about the dauntless compound, and she says how the walls are big, dark and luminous. She also goes on saying that there were cracks all around the walls and the only light came from a few windows in the roof. Without the setting this book wouldn’t be as good, because the setting definitely sets up the mood that you feel when reading it.

The author does a great job of setting the book up and giving you information about the whole way of life in the book. When the author is telling you about the places, and way of life, she does it in such a way the interests you and makes you want to keep reading. The book is narrated by the main character Tris. So you're told about everything from the view of Tris’ life.

Another reason this book is so great is the characters. When you're reading this book you feel like you really know the characters. The author does this by going into great detail about the people and their lives. By doing this the author makes the story more realistic.
Divergent is a book that almost any teen will enjoy. Veronica Roth makes this book great by adding mystery, love, adventure, and some humor. When I started this book I knew that this would be a 10 out of 10 book, and I was right. I have started the second book that she wrote and I have to say that it is just as remarkable as Divergent. I would definitely recommend this book to teens who enjoy a remarkable adventure, and want to be drawn into the exciting world of Divergent.

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