Holes by Louis Sacher

January 21, 2013
By MADavis ELITE, Kentland, Indiana
MADavis ELITE, Kentland, Indiana
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The book Holes is a very interesting book. It is a about a boy named Stanley Yelnats. He was blamed for a crime that he didn’t commit. When he went to court, the judge gave him two choices. The choices were to go to Camp Green Lake or prison. Stanley ends up going to Camp Green Lake. When he arrives, he was to dig a hole every day until his 18 months are up. Mr. Sir, one of the camp counselors, said to Stanley the first day he arrived if you find anything while digging you are supposed to report it to one of the counselors here.

A few weeks later Stanley found a lipstick casing with the initials KB. The day before one of the teenagers there told Stanley if he were to find anything he was to give it to him because the teenager had been there for 6 months and hadn’t found anything. Stanley gave the lipstick casing to the teenager, the teenager’s name is X-Ray. When one of the counselors was coming, X- Ray was going to turn it in, but Stanley gave X-Ray the idea to give it to the counselor tomorrow. He did. Stanley’s friend Hector, called Zero, ran away from the camp. Days after days Stanley still didn’t see Hector. Stanley went out to find him which he did. They both went to the hole to find the treasure chest. They found it ,and the warden wanted the chest so she accused Stanley of taking the chest. There was a name on the chest, guess what it was. Stanley Yelnats. Soon after Stanley and Hector both became rich.

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