Maximum Ride - The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

January 18, 2013
By , Moon, WA
Maximum Ride – Angel Experiment
James Patterson
The five main characters are Maximum (nickname is Max), Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman (his nickname is Gazzy), Angel, and the Erasers. The 5 members escaped from the scientist “School”. The scientist insert many types of DNA to people that were sold to the school. Most of the kids in the school have avian-human hybrid. One of them was Maximum. She’s 15 years old; she is the leader of the family, and has the ability to fly fast in the sky. Fang is also 15 years old, avian-human hybrid of course, and he’s the second in command of the family. Fang is a strong and rarely shows emotion type to the others. Iggy is 14 years old, his effectively blind and avian-human hybrid, even though he can’t see if surroundings, Iggy can identify people by feeling their fingerprints and wings. His sense of hearing is the best one in the family. Iggy and Gazzy are best friends. Gazzy is 8 years old. He’s Angel’s brother, the only true siblings in this family. Iggy and Angel’s real parents sold them to the school when they were very young. Angel is 6 years old, and she has special ability among the “family”. She has the ability to breathe under water, talk to sea animals, and control people’s mind. Max and the family tried to find their real parents. The Erasers are breed of super-humans created at the School. They can transform into werewolves whenever they want. The Erasers have wings but with their big muscular body, they couldn’t fly fast as the family.
Max and the other were chased by the Erasers. They’re trying to get Max and the others back into the School Lab. Angel was abducted by the Erasers, however, Max and the others rescued her from the Lab. When they’re running away from the School, Max founds out that Angel have the ability to control the woman near the store to buy her the teddy bear that she really likes.
I like the book Maximum Ride – the Angel Experiment by James Patterson because I think that Max is really cool person and how they’re trying to escape by the Erasers is really entertaining.
Max has an amazing personality and she cares a lot about the family. When the Erasers abducted Angel, her heart broke when Angel, “her baby, flying away toward her death.”(23) Not realizing the pain from “punch[ing] the chunk bark of the fir tree hard, over and over, until finally actual pain seep[ing]into [her] seared consciousness. “(25) Max cares so much about her family and not realizing her pain, because of that I admired her. Max also has a voice inside her head, the voice often coming up new plans, and helps her on the way of escaping the Erasers. When she’s hearing the voice, she often gets a pain or headache inside her head. One of the time when the voice talks to her and says “’You need to learn how to relax. Relaxation facilitates learning and communication. Studies have shown it. But you’re not relaxing.’”(291) the voice was guiding her to help her calm down, however, she freaks out because thinking herself too “different from the rest of the flock.” (292).
The author also describes one of the fights between Nudge, Fang, and strongest Eraser. The Eraser “rolled up his sleeves to reveal heavily corded, muscled, hairy arms.”(138) I think that the Eraser is really strong and Fang and Nudge wouldn’t be able to escape. The Eraser kicked Fang in the chest, over and over again until his burst out of blood. Fang spat on one of the Erasers. Then it “brought both hands down onto Fang’s chest with enough force to snap his ribs.” (140) Quickly, Nudge dropped the can of paint on the Eraser’s face and took off. In my opinion, the fighting with the Erasers was intense; with the help of each other’s, they successfully escaped from it.
I give this book 5 star because I think it is really interesting. There are lots of interesting fights in this book. I love the “secret” love between Fang and Max.

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