The Misfits

January 8, 2013
The Misfits is a book about how our kids just like us try to fit in while still in junior high. How they tell their stories of laughing and understanding of their troubles.

The author James Howe made this book especially for teens that have been named called, bullied, or betrayal. He writes this book like he’s living the characters. This book is based off of kids trying to fit in but can’t because other kids give them titles. They are best friends trying to stand against the bullying and hardships of life. I really loved this book I’m in eighth grade and I can really relate to this book. Most people go through the name calling and bullying. After I read these kinds of books I have this inspired feeling inside of me because I feel if I follow what the characters do I will survive all obstacles of junior high.

I think that James Howe achieved all his purposes with the powerful intensions like to stand up even if you’re scared of the outcome. This book is beautiful all to what I like in a book comedy and fictional where you learn a lesson after reading it. I think anybody and everybody should read this book for a good laugh and some life lessons.

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