Chasing Romeo

January 8, 2013
By iamawesomee BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
iamawesomee BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Chasing Romeo is about 3 best friends; Kierra, Tasha, and Anjenai. They get to high school and they all like the same boy. Their friendship takes a turn for the worst.

Explaining this book is no easy task. Mainly the book I’m reading is about 3 best friends who all like the same boy, which leads to trouble. The girls made a bet with each other to see who can win him over first. It tears their 14 year old relationship apart, and this book has so much suspense. It keeps me guessing and it makes me want to read this book over and over again. This book makes you wonder what is going to happen next, and you can never get enough of Chasing Romeo!

The weaknesses of this book are that they have characters that are only mentioned a couple of times. I like how the author made the format though. It has every character talking in first person so you know what is going on, on both sides of the story. I would recommend this to other people because every page makes me smile. This book will make you giddy with excitement.

Chasing Romeo left me with a surprised feeling. I can’t wait until the second book comes out so I know what happened to the friends and the other characters in the story.

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