Catching Fire by Susanne Collins

January 11, 2013
Catching Fire by Susanne Collins
The Hunger Games Trilogy
2nd Book


Catching Fire is yet another remarkable book of Susanne Collins. You can very much tell that Ms. Collins had intended to put as much detail, and time into the book as she could. Just as the First book, and the last book, it is like a movie playing in your head. You can picture everything word for word. Catching Fire has to be the best book out of the trilogy.
Main Points:

Catching Fire is of course the 2nd book to the hunger games trilogy. Its starts of after the games have taken place; Katniss and Peeta are home, and everything is back to normal, or atleast they think it is. You know how Katniss is the so called "Mockingjay" because of the pin she wore in the games. You also know that a rebellion/uprising very slowly starts to begin. Now I am not going to give away to much! That would ruin the book for you!
Evaluation/ Final Review:

This Book I would recommend to anyone who likes action, with a twist at the end! Like the first book I would NOT recommend this book for anyone under 12 year old. This book as well as the first is somewhat graphic, and has a lot of detail in certain parts. I really hope you decide to read Catching Fire, I am glad I did!

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