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Night Wings by Joseph Bruchak

Paul a fifteen year old boy that gets kidnapped with his grandfather, he is trying to

save his grandfather and him self from being eaten by a mystical dragon named Pmola.

Night Wings by Joseph Bruchac is a great book for teenage boys because of it’s strange

characters, teeth wrenching plot and spooky setting in the mountains.

The characters in Night Wings either have unique abilities or are strange looking

“It sort of resembles one of the bad guys in those pirates of the Carribean films or maybe

the cartoon captain hook”(27) In these Point Paul is trying to describe how the man

knocking on his door looks like. This is one of the strangest characters in the book Night

wings. “I saw that resistance would be futile. Plus and this is another lesson learned from

a military family.” Paul’s mother and father booth taught Paul different solutions for

different situations. These two quotes show how unique each character is.

The Plot of Night Wings makes one want to keep turning the pages. “Are those

boots crunching the gravel of our walkway? I hear the thud of feet hitting the trailer steps

at al run and the sound of the front door right over my head bursting open as a heavy

body hauls itself against it.”(45) These shows how intense the book is because of the

unexpected happening. “Grandpa Peter has the special power of meja wilihne”(84) The

author just told us that Paul’s grandfather has a special power that some people are

trying to get from him. The plot takes turns all the time that’s what makes it so great.

The setting of the story Night Wings is very spooky compared to other books.

“The thirty foot trailer shudders. Like a nervous horse. When the rain and hail hit hard

against the aluminum roof and walls creating a defining roar.”(14) The sitting right now

is in the middle of no were and it is raining hail. “We haven’t run into any hikers or seen

any sign of other people even from the over looks that give us a view of one or two of the

other trails.”(114) Joseph Bruchac did a will setting for these type of story.

Night Wings is a excellent bock with all the elements it provides like characters,

plat and setting. It is highly recommended reading Night Wings by Joseph Bruchac.

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