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January 5, 2013
By EragonShadeslayer BRONZE, Brookfield, Wisconsin
EragonShadeslayer BRONZE, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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In my opinion, there are three types of books: funny ones for those who don't like to read; good ones for those who like to read; and, lastly, those that force you to go beyond the text and actually live the story. Four Secrets falls into the third category.

Four Secrets is a fairly short novel comprised of a collection of journals from a group of kids who kidnap a school bully, but are later caught holding him hostage, and are writing these journals in juvenile detention as part of their punishment.

The three teenagers – Katie, a tall and powerful girl, Nate, a fantasist, and Renata, an artist – are all constantly bullied until one day a sports ­superstar bully named Chase takes it one step too far by ­bullying Renata.

Nate and Katie plan a revenge and kidnap him when he is at a party. Chase is held hostage at Renata's house for six days until he escapes and rats them out. The police find prescription drugs in his blood, and Chase tells them he was forced to take them.

Nate, Chase, and Renata face a year in juvenile detention, but as their social worker reads their journals, she finds there is more behind the kidnapping than she, or the police, first knew. As the kids learn more about each other, their tormenter, and themselves, they each reveal their deepest, darkest secrets which make up the four secrets that will change their school, their town, and their lives forever.

This book is completely fantastic. Margaret Willey does a great job creating a realistic ­atmosphere that draws you in and gives each word a purpose. She is able to combine a stunningly realistic story that combines action, mystery, emotion, and reality into a great story that I absolutely loved.

Four Secrets is a great book I would recommend for anyone who is serious about reading and loves to get into the emotion and feel of their book.

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