Nothing to Lose by Alex Flinn

March 13, 2008
In the book Nothing to Lose written by Alex Flinn, published at 1350Ave, NY 10019in 2004. The publisher of this book is a Division of HarperCollins. This book has approximately 277 pages.

This book Nothing to Lose by Alex Flinn will grab your attention because it has spicy words, a mixture between happy, sad and interesting and it even tells you when they are talking about this year and last year.

If you like the kind of books that want to keep reading this is the book. On a scale from 1 to 10 I would give it an 8 because it got spicy words that draw your attention toward it. You should read it it’s a great book.

Nothing to Lose is about a 16 year old boy Michel. He returns back to Miami Florida after a year of running away with a traveling carnival to escape his unbearable life at home. He found his mother in a trail for the murder of his abusive step father.

In this book it talks about how Michel’s mother gets beat by Walker (Michel’s abusive step father) and finally Michel gets tired of seeing his mother get beat so he grabs a thing you poke fire with and beats Walker over the head and kills him then that is the end of the story it leaves you hanging.

This book is by far the best book I have read. I would reexamined you read this it well so you thing you really don’t think would happen. So you should read the book Nothing to Lose by Alex Flinn.

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