The Unwritten Rule by Elizibith Scott

January 2, 2013
Anna is in high school and is finding out who she is and who her true friends are. Will she make it through her senior year? Can she make the right decisions?
Description and summary of main points
As Anna tries surviving the high school life, Brianna, her best friend, and Will, Brianna’s boyfriend, make this a challenge. You see, Will and Anna have a history since the third grade, they have had a crush on one another, but Anna thinks Will just wants to friends because he is giving her mixed signals. What she doesn’t know is that Will might still have some feelings for her. Brianna has no idea what is going on, she still has a crush on her ex, Greg, but won’t admit it to anyone.

Anna is a teenage girl who is trying to figure out her life, and who she is as a person. She is looking for that prince charming just like the rest of us. She isn’t the prettiest girl, but her heart is in the right place. She thinks she met her prince in the third grade, but like other relationships things went wrong, and you can’t really be in a full relationship when you’re that young. She has a best friend that she has to compete with. Brianna has everything a guy wants, will wants. Brianna and will are dating before you know it, and Will is giving Anna mixed thoughts. Does he still like Anna, or is Brianna the one that he truly loves?
I think that Will should just tell Anna that he never lost feelings for her then break up with Brianna, and then Greg and Brianna should get back together... However not all stories have a happy ending. But the good thing is that Anna figures out who she is, and learns who her true friends are.
Your final review

Over all The Unwritten Rule is a marvelous book to read. It is for the girls who love romance and drama, all in one book. It keeps you on your toes, because you would never think half the things that happen would. I would recommend this book to any teenage girl, because all of us can relate one way or another.

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