Middle School WOrst Years of my Life

January 3, 2013
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I read the book “Middle School; Worst Years of my Life” because the cover of the book looked very interesting. It has cool little designs and such. There is a boy named Rafe that had just started 6th grade, he had brown, shaggy hair. Dirty sneakers and a green t-shirt he wore everyday. The first day of school, all of the students went to a meeting in the gym. The got a pamphlet with all the school rules inside. And Rafe had gotten the idea that he was going to break every single rule in the book. Rafe would also get points for every time he break one of the rules right. And whenever he would back down from the big bully, Bobbie, he would loose points. At the end, Rafe had accomplished breaking all the rules in the book, but I think overall that this just wasn’t a very good book at all. It didn’t have much detail, and the book was just slow. So, I think this was just a bad book.

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