Unwind by Neal Shusterman This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

December 26, 2012
The 2nd Civil War of the United States was fought over one problem, abortion. Questions turned into debates. Debates turned into battles. Battles turned into bloodshed and eventually into a full out war. The war ended with the passing of the "Bill of Life," satisfying both Pro-life and Pro-choice armies. This bill protects human life from being aborted from the time of birth until the ages of 13-18. This is the time frame in which parents can chose to "unwind" their child, promising that they will remain in a conscious state but the child's body will be dismantled and used for medical purposes such as medical transplants. Despite how no one understands the process of "unwinding," it is still an accepted practice in society.

This story is about 3 unwinds, Connor, Lisa, and Lev Connor Michael Lassiter is a rebellious teenager who's parents doesn't believe he will have a significance to society. Risa Megan Ward, does not have parents, but was sentenced to be unwound due to the orphanage's budget cuts. Levi Jedediah Caulder is the 10th child of the Caulder family and since his time of birth, he was destined to be unwound because of his family's religion. With Connor and Lisa meeting each other while running away from being unwound and Lev getting caught up in their act, these three unlikely heroes will go on a life-changing journey. An adventure about human sacrifice. A tale about human rights. Brought together by fate, but held by desperation, this story will make readers question not only what it means to be loved, but also how to live.

"Unwind" by Neal Shusterman takes place in a dystopian future of the United States of America. As opposed to the typical 1st person or 3rd person limited many books nowadays have (which I believe really inhibits the potential of the book), this book is told in a 3rd person omniscient, which leaves readers well informed about the multiple perspectives of the story, but will still leave readers intrigued to keep on reading. An overall well written book by a very well known author. Neal Shusterman is also the author of the series "The Skinjacker Trilogy" featuring "Everlost," "Everwild," and, "Everfound." "Unwind" also has become a trilogy, with "UnWholly" already out for grabs and "UnSouled" expected to come out on October 15th. In fact, "Constantin Film," has recently got the movie rights to this book and may even be on the big screen in the future. In totality, probably the most mind challenging, brain boggling, and the most intriguing read you will ever have.

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