The Night of the Living Dummy

December 20, 2012
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Many mysterious “things” can happen in this world. Could you imagine a girl in a big world facing problems for her and her family? In this story Lindy has long blonde hair and a broad forehead with beautiful blue eyes. One day Lindy and her sister came upon a dumpster behind a house and Lindy pulled out a dummy. When Lindy was getting more attention than Kris, Kris did not like the fact and decided she wanted one to. So her father got her a very nice looking dummy he had: reddish hair, nice suit, scary grin. Kris tried to make people laugh with the dummy but he would just do and say evil things he would bring people down. She got in trouble with for everything the dummy did. You wonder why? Who believes a dummy? You should never want something someone else has.

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