The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

December 21, 2012
By Drkittykay BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Drkittykay BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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This book “Hunger Games” is an amazing book, With a mix of romance and action.
i liked this book because like I said its a mix of romance and action. I love the fighting in the book. I love all the characters, its just amazing.

This book is mainly about how the character Katniss goes to fight because she didn't want her sister fighting, so she volunteered. She went on to fight anyway. She was so brave. While she went on the fight a boy named Peeta came along to, he was so in love with Katniss, after that they prepared for the fight, and she trained really well too. She was one of the best people to fight in the book. After that they went on the tv show to get an interview and all that. Then they went on to fight.

My favorite character was Katniss Everdeen and Rue. Mine was Katniss because she had attitude and she was also very nice. She fought very well too. My other favorite character was Rue because she was so cute and really nice, when they were fighting she helped out Katniss so she wouldn't die. I love them both because there were really good fighters, and they were really intelligence.

I loved the way the author wrote the book because he made it mix with Romance and alot of action in it.

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