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December 21, 2012
By , Sacramento, CA
After reading Twilight and The Hunger Games, I thought there was nothing else for me to read. I thought that no other book can match up to the excitement that those two books brought to me. But I was wrong. One day I found a book called Divergent and soon I was hooked on to this book. If you’re looking for a mix of Twilight and The Hunger Games, then this is the book to read.

Everyone wants to read a good book, but sometimes it’s just by luck and choice. In my opinion, a good book should consist of a climax, leave the readers waiting to read more, make connections, be unique, and make the reader visualize each scene. This book (Divergent) matched up with all of these criterias. The climax is so intense and it hooks you on through 50 pages that seem like five minutes. Each chapter that I read I was waiting excitedly to read more, since it would leave the reader hanging at an exciting scene after each chapter. This book also made me make connections to other books or events. This book is unique, due to the fact that it’s taking place in the ruins of North America. This helped me visualize each chapter that I would read, because it would be like there is a movie playing in my head.

This book takes place in the ruins of North America, precisely Chicago. Every year each 16 year old has to make a decision that will affect their whole future. They have to pick a faction that they feel suits them the best and carry on their adulthood lives in the new faction. The factions are amity (peaceful), abnegation (selfless), candor (fair), erudite (knowledgeable), and dauntless (fearless). Beatrice, an abnegation child, has to pick a choice. But apparently her test results suit more than one. She must not tell anyone that she is Divergent or else the consequence will be bad. So she chooses dauntless. Over in the dauntless field she falls in love with the trainer named Tobias (Four). She’s a very good trainee, and that is what is making the leaders suspicious. How can someone be so selfless, brave, fair, peaceful, knowledgeable, brave, and yet only suit one faction....that was when they figured out the answer. Trish (Beatrice) is divergent....what will she do? Will she escape with Tobias? Is Tobias divergent too? Will there be an uprising between the factions? How about the lives of her family members or closest friends? Find out all the answers to these questions by reading this book.

Who would have knew that books could become so popular in our world. When Twilight came out, teenage girls all over the world instantly fell in love will the novel. Everyone was waiting to see the movie and read the books. Then when the series ended, people were lost and wondering what to read. Then books like The Hunger Games came out and people were hooked again to this new series. So even if people say that no other book can replace the old ones. They’re really just obsessed and making a statement. But there are so many books that are coming out and people are reading. The great books that we will all remember are Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, etc. But after all these books that I’ve read, this book is definitely a great choice. Read the book called Divergent by Veronica Roth, it did not disappoint me.

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