The Last Song by Nickolas Sparks

December 18, 2012
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The book The Last Song is one of my favorite books because it’s amazing how a girl can change so much because of her father. In the beginning of the book Ronnie the main character is a troubled teenager that doesn’t get along with her parents. Ronnie’s Parents are divorced and she doesn’t really get along with her little brother either. Ronnie’s mom is stressed out and sends Ronnie and her brother to their dad’s house. Ronnie is not excited at all and her brother can’t wait to get there. She is also upset because she hasn't talked to her father in three years and didn't plan on talking to him ever again. When they get there, Ronnie can’t wait to leave so she explores the town. She comes across this guy named Will and he falls for Ronnie. It takes time for Ronnie to feel the same for him, but they begin liking each other. At the end of the love story, Ronnie’s dad tells her news that she would never expect. He tells her that he has cancer and doesn’t have that long to live. Ronnie flips out and cries. She is mad at her father for not telling her sooner, but most of all she is mad at herself for not spending more time with her father. Ronnie and her father’s relationship grow closer and she wants to stay with him so she can take care of him. I think it is amazing how much she cares about her father and how much they have grown closer.

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