Dear John by Nickolas Sparks

December 7, 2012
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The story Dear John is about a young guy named John who is in the army. When he was younger he was a troubled teen and got into a lot of trouble. John’s dad raised him all by himself and John didn’t appreciate him like he should have. After high school, John decided to go into the army. When John was on leave, he went back home to stay with his father for two weeks. John was out surfing one day and saw this girl. The girl’s name was Savannah and she accidentally dropped her purse into the water and John dove in the water to get it. Savannah told John that he was a life saver and wanted to know if he wanted to come to her summer house for a drink. John and Savannah got to know each other and fell in love. But the problem that still remained was that John had to leave in a couple of days. Savannah had to go back to college as well. So John promised that he would be done with the army in a year and then they would be together.
Savannah wanted to meet John’s dad and get to know him too. She liked Johns dad a lot. She told John that she wanted to change her major and work with special needs people like John’s dad and her friend’s son Allen. John got really angry and told Savannah that she was wrong and needed to stay out of it. Savannah was crushed and John felt bad for what he said. So Savannah stopped at John’s house to say sorry and to say goodbye before she left for college. John and Savannah made up and had a long goodbye. Savannah and John promised each other to write letters to each other.
Later on Savannah wrote a letter to john saying that she had moved on and she cheated on him with a different guy. John did not see this coming and he was heartbroken. He was so upset that he threw away all the letters that they wrote to each other. He was sent back home because his father was in the hospital and was not doing so well. He found out where Savannah was living and went to her house to visit her. Savannah told John that she was marriage to Allen’s dad Tim. John was super surprised and didn’t think it was him that she cheated with. John found out that she married him because he was really sick and Tim needed someone to take care of Allen.
This story was so deep and one of my favorite stories and movies. And I would recommend this book to anybody who loves Nickolas Sparks.

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