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December 3, 2012
Kissed by an Angel

Kissed by an Angel written by Elizabeth Chandler, was an amazing romance/mystery that once you started reading you just couldn't stop. Inspired by her love of suspense, former college teacher, Elizabeth Chandler, has written many stories intended for young adults, but none as well-known as Kissed by an Angel. This book can go from heartwarming, to tear jerking within a few turns of the pages.

Tristan Carruthers, the top swimmer in his high school, with all the girls falling for him left and right, suddenly falls for Ivy Lyons when she moves in with her mother and new step-father. After a while, she feels the same way about him. But suddenly disaster strikes when Ivy and Tristan are caught in a car crash which kills Tristan, leaving Ivy depressed without him. It seems that nothing can make her what she was before; she even gave up her faith in angels. Not even her closest friends, Suzanne, Beth, and Will, could bring her out this rut she is in, until she discovers Tristan never really left her side. Tristan is still with her, just not as a human. Ivy soon finds out Tristan is her guardian angel. Their connection is so strong; it was as if he never died, even though she cannot physically touch him now. Tristan is still there to save her from some horrible disaster about to happen in the near future, a disaster ending in someone’s death.

Ivy now no longer knows who to trust. Since these series of unknown murders or what was thought to be freak accidents, anyone could put her life in danger. Like, Gregory, her new step-brother, who seems to have feelings for her as more than friends, Or Eric, her step-brother's drug addicted best friend who seems to have a good heart. She doesn't seem to even trust her parents like she used to. She even starts to turn against her little brother.

As Tristan starts to help Ivy unravel the clues of this mystery, he starts to realize that his time with Ivy might be coming to an abrupt end. Once his mission to protect Ivy was over, Tristan is no longer needed on earth, and he will finally pass to the other side.

Still many questions remain. Will Ivy survive? Who killed Tristan? Will Tristan stay by Ivy’s side? Or is his time on earth officially over? This book leaves you wondering. But don’t worry, all your questions will be answered in the end of this heart wrenching book.

This book was one of the best books I have ever read. Overall, I really loved the suspense the book built. This book keeps you on your toes until the end when all the pieces seemed to fall into place. I definitely would recommend this book to young adults that enjoy suspense, mystery, with a mix of love. Elizabeth Chandler really does know how to grab the reader’s attention and keep it, until the shocking end that will leave you breathless. I highly recommend that you read this book, you won’t regret it.

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-Tessa-Brianna- said...
Dec. 6, 2012 at 10:24 am
i LOVE this book<3
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