She Said Yes by Misty Bernall

October 5, 2007
By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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The book She Said Yes is a touching heart warming true story. It made me think and realize that life is short and you should enjoy every single moment of it with the people you love. She said yes is about a girl named Cassie that goes to Colombia high school. She was a senior and glad that her school years were almost over. The scene I was interested in the most was in the first chapter were the two shooters go through the library and find Cassie and her two friends were hiding under tables then the two shooters go straight to Cassie and ask her do you believe in god and She Said Yes then they asked why and before she could answer they shot her in the head. I liked the book because of the way her mother tells her sweet memories she had with her daughter and made me understand why parents are important in ones life. I recommend this book to kids who like books with teenage crisis.

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