First Step 2 Forever by Justin Bieber

November 2, 2012
By Bieber13 BRONZE, Mayodan, North Carolina
Bieber13 BRONZE, Mayodan, North Carolina
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Never Say Never.

By now everyone should know who Justin Bieber is. Some think of him as a gorgeous guy with lots of talent, while others think of him as a gay, stuck up 18 year old with a girly voice. I have always been a Belieber, which is a Bieber Fan, but after reading his inspirational story, I disagree with both sides. I believe he is a normal 18 year old boy just like anyone else. He has struggles, losses, and triumphs throughout his life. It’s not like he’s immortal or anything. He just has more popularity than most of us. That doesn’t make him stuck up.
Justin Bieber is a teenager with a great personality and great talent to make music, he was able to sign with a record company called Island Def Jam, and became super famous, but it wasn’t easy for him to get all the fame. He struggled through a lot of his career, but with the help of his friends and family, he pulled through it all. A few main points in this book are when Justin gets very sick on the tour bus and they have to postpone the concert. The doctor comes to check his temperature and it was 101.5 F. He will have miss 2 concerts, but he will be back on stage performing for millions of fans in no time.
Justin wrote the story himself which means it is a primary source of reading and that everything in here is a fact of him. He includes a lot of the details in his story, and really pours out his emotions. He lets the reader know how he struggled and how he had to go through bad times, bad decisions, and bad choices.
This book was very heart-warming and has a lot of Justin’s feelings and emotions poured into this writing. He tells you about his life story and how he became the #1 solo artist in the world!
I really loved reading this book. I finished it in 8 hours! That’s how good I thought it was! Anyone who thinks negative of Justin Bieber needs to read this book. They will surely change their opinions about him!

The author's comments:
I love everything Justin Bieber, so I chose to write a review on this book by him. It is very inspirational. You'll love it!

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