Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

October 29, 2012
By Anonymous

‘’ Can you imagine your first love being captured and killed by the undead’’? Blood Promise was one of the most intriguing vampire book series I have ever read. This horrifying story is written by Richelle Mead. Blood promise answers the question ‘’ Will true love decide your fate’’?
Life will never be the same without Dimitri. The latest attack put a terrifying scene upon the school. Many are dead, changed, or captives. For the captives their destiny is even worse. With each step through the book, it sends chills down the readers back. You will visualize what their experiencing and will get the emotional toll that the character feels too.

Rose Hathaway and Vasilisa Dragomir used to be best friends, but ever since Rose left St. Vladimir’s Academy. Rose and Lissa feel a sense of loss. Rose just lost her first love at war, but he’s not dead completely he’s a vicious strigio. She goes to find him and try to kill him. When she finds him, will he want to be saved?
Vampire Academy Blood Promise is the best novel I have ever read. It has many exciting adventures and blood lust experience to get you excited. Her heart shattered… her world shattered… you will lose what you value most … it wasn’t her life ... it wasn’t Dimitri’s life. It was his soul. Will Rose kill Dimitri or will it be time to join them?

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