The Pledge by Chandra Sparks-Taylor

October 29, 2012
By Anonymous

Oh god, do NOT do anything stupid Courtland, I told myself as I saw Allen, my crush, he’s all I dream about, all I think about. Every time I’m around him, I freeze or do something stupid right in front of him. This time in practicing cheerleading, something I hate doing, but decide to do because it keeps me after school for a little while so I can think and get some “Courtland” time. My name is Courtland Murphy, I’m 15, and I have a “pledge”. I do choose to stick to that pledge which is staying a virgin until I am.
Married, will she be able to do it? I personally think Courtland could do it, only of though, that she loved and believed in herself. The Pledge’s message is to teach you to stick to your pledge if you love yourself, and respects yourself. Everyone should have a pledge, what is your pledge?
The Pledge is the most amazing book that I’ve ever read. It emiedietly catches your attention with the first word. Almost all of my friends have read it, and loved it. Every time I get my face in the book, it’s like I get sucked into it or something. Written by Chandra Sparks-Taylor, The Pledge is a great book, and I recommend it to many others.

Courtland, the main character, is a wonderful girl, she is smart, pretty, and she has a past, she’s gotten through a lot with her now ex boyfriend Allen-basketball star, whose about to go pro. Courtland thinks he’s the one for her, but she’s got it all wrong. He’s absolutely the worst kind of guy for a sweet girl like herself. Allen puts Courtland through so much its unreal. She does not deserve it at all.

Cortland Murphy is sixteen and not allowed to have a boyfriend until she turns seventeen, but she thinks she could make some exceptions for Allen Benson. When Allen and Courtland start dating, Allen starts to get abusive. Then their own aunt is hooking up with Allen and robbing their home, putting them all in danger. Courtland finds out Allen was cheating, and is done, but Allen pulls her back in every time, acting like nothing ever happened. Will she fall for it again, or move on? If you like romance, comedy, and mysteries, the pledge is a great book for you. Also “The Promise” is the next book, almost as good as The Pledge.

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cstwrites said...
on Nov. 1 2012 at 10:41 am
I'm so glad you enjoyed my book The Pledge. Your review really made my day.

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