The Dead Boys by Royce Buckingham

October 29, 2012
By reviewer SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
reviewer SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
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Whoos! the tree branch goes for him.The book is called The Dead Boys by Royce Buckingham. The Dead Boys is a good book because it makes you think what going to happen next and how it’s going to end.
Here somethings about it. Their this kid named Teddy Mathews moves to a new town with his mom. He’s nervous to start making new friends, but when he does, the boys start to disapear in front of him in strange ways. Then, when he tells the officer barnes he tells him they’ve been missing for 30 years. One day he finds their grave. So yeah it’s kind of a horror book and mystery, I think the the book is really good and if you like horror and mystery this book is for you.
A kid and his mom are moving away to a new place because his mom has a new job at a nuclear plant. They find their house and start to place their stuff in it the. Teddy, the kid, see’s a abanded house with the biggest synacamore tree you’ll ever see. Then, one day his mom tells him to go to find new friends so he drives his bike near the river and see’s a kid. Teddy and the boy become great friends that day, then something happened to the boy. Soon then other boys start to disappear as well. Will he be able to find out. The book is really good and it was nice to read if you need some action because people rendomly start to disapper.
The main character are Teddy mathews, Alber, Sloot, Walter. Teddt is the boy who moved to the desart town. Albert ,Walter, and Sloot There the boys who disappear and reappear. Teddy was scared to death when he went to the abanded house next to where he lives. Teddy was wonder why the house got abanded. The part of this book is kind of mysterious most of the time.

So what do you thinks if you read this review. Did you like it, does it make you want to get the book. If it does go to your local libary. So from the information I gave you, the book makes you want to know what happens. So go get the tree before it gets you into the book.

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