Crank by Ellen Hopkins

October 29, 2012
By Anonymous

“Life was good before I met the monster.” Crank is a thrill riding book that takes you on an adventure with a teenager that goes from goody good to way out of whack bad. Ellen Hopkin’s books are very nerve-racking. They get you wondering what will happen next.
Kristina goes to visit her father who had abandoned her at a young age. Why we don’t know, but while she was there got into some drugs known as crank. She started to get intimate with a guy. Also she got gangbanged by four men. When Kristina is sent back home to her mom’s, she has no way of getting crank. At least that’s what she thinks. Kristina starts to crave it. Kristina starts changing into a whole new person so why not change your name to. She called herself Bree.
Kristina was intelligent before she visited dad. Then, Bree got into her system. Bree was like most other teenage girls nothing at all like Kristina. Bree meets new people and starts to find where the “stash” is hidden. Getting high then becomes a daily activity just like waking up for school. Passing time, before dinner, after dinner, after showers, basically anytime she wasn’t by adults or her parents, she would be getting high. Her grades are getting lower. She stops eating. Her mother and step father become very suspicious. Will her world crumble around her?
Crank is a good book for teens and adults because it shows the hardships of drug use and how it affects everyone’s lives. Do you think “Bree” will overcome the monster?

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