Deep And Dark And Dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn

October 29, 2012
By Anonymous

Deep, Dark, and Dangerous is a novel dealing with the past and coping with the present. The author, Mary Downing Hahn, has a good way of making a possibly scary, horror story into a mysterious, gut wrenching page-turner.

Dulcie and Claire have been keeping a secret for a very long time. One day Ali finds a picture in the attic and one part of it has been cut out. On the back there must have been a name because she only saw the letter “T”, but the rest had been cut out from it. Ali, Claire’s daughter, thinks it’s a secret worth discovering and that’s exactly what she set her mind to. When Ali gets invited to stay at an old lake house with her aunt, Dulcie, and her younger cousin, Emma, she accepts the invitation. Then, Ali and Emma discover dreadful and disconcerting facts while they’re on a visit to their mother’s old lake house for the summer. Meanwhile, there’s a mean-spirited, sassy girl named Sissy that causes them misery and tries to ruin their whole summer.

Out of all the books I’ve read, this is my favorite because it gets you thinking about what you just read in the previous chapter. It also makes you want to keep reading it until the book is over. And it seems like there’s a mystery at the end of every chapter. This book will leave you with these main two questions in your mind,
“Who is she, and what’s going to happen next?” It isn’t a horror story. It’s more mysterious and suspenseful. That means kids could read it to.

Mary Downing Hahn has a knack for writing ghost stories. She has written numerous ghost books. Here’s a list.

All The Lovely Bad Ones.

Promises To The Dead.

The Doll in The Garden.

Wait Till Helen Comes.

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall.

The Old Willis Place.

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