The Report Card by Andrew Clements

October 29, 2012
By Anonymous

Nora is the main character in The Report Card by Andrew Clement. Nora’s grades are not the best, but why did she get those bad grades? However, she is smart, but doesn’t tell anyone. She is keeping it a secret, but why? The Report Card is a good book. Pick it up and start reading to find out why she keeps her intelligence a secret.

Nora is a very smart girl she is just helping a friend when he does not know about it at all. Her best friend is a boy when that is not allowed apparently. Nora was dreading going to the meeting all day. But when it came around she was on the computer but she forgot to log off so someone saw what she was doing on the computer, but who saw her computer read to found out who saw her computer.
Nora is the main character who does not get good grades, but that is a secret only her sister knows. She only did it for her best friend but he does not know either. Nora has every one thinking she is dumb, but she is not at all. Nora is a very nice girl to all her friends and family. This book is really good you should read it sometime soon.

The Report Card is really good. You can just pick it up, crack it open, and start reading. What will Nora’s parents do when they find out about her grades? Andrew Clements also wrote other like School Story, No Talking, and Lost and Found. Chick out his other books clement does not disappoint anyone.

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