The Fight by L. Divine

October 29, 2012
By Lexi Vuichard BRONZE, St. Louis, MO, Missouri
Lexi Vuichard BRONZE, St. Louis, MO, Missouri
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The Fight is a book about teen drama, by L.Divine. I think teenagers should read this book, because it’s really interesting for teens. It teaches a lesson about drama, high school, and teenagers.
South Bay High, so called Drama High, the white school in Los Angeles, is where the kids look at sixteen year old street, book, and life smart Jayd, like she’s a thief. Kj, Jays ex, has a new girlfriend, Trecee. She seems like she would like to knock Jayd out. Jayd has a little help with her drama from her Mama, with her spells, posions, and little tricks. Now, Jayd wants to turn over a new leaf. Will she be able to?
Sixteen year old Jayd Jackson isn’t anybody’s fool. She knows when someone’s trying to jack her or play her. Like her ex-boyfriend... K.j. They used to be love birds the year before. Now, they are broken up. Jayd’s best friends are, Misty and Nellie who are always there for her. Also there’s mama who helps her a lot with a lot of things.
I think this book would be a good book to read. I think this because it’s pretty interesting for teens. It would be a good book for teens because it’s a teen book, and maybe some teens would be going through what the characters in this book are. Kj has a new DRAMA queen girlfriend, who doesn’t like Jayd, and Jayd doesn’t like her...What do you think will happen between the main people at Drama High?

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