The Dead Zone by Stephen King

October 29, 2012
By Anonymous

Hey there’s a book out there just for you. So while you’re on the path to finding the book or series that’s just for you. Let’s look at one book and author that I’m really becoming to find interesting. It’s called “The Dead Zone by Stephen king.”It may not be the best book Stephen king has ever written and it may not be the most profound book he’s ever written. But still it’s a very good and interesting book. The reason I chose this book is because of its clear message.” “Everyone dies in the end”
Johnny smith the main character in the story, is a teacher. Also he has a girlfriend named Sarah. He and Sarah go to a carnival and then Johnny won at least $500 in cash at a gambling booth otherwise known as” the wheel of fortune.” Then Sarah starts feeling ill Johnny drives her home. After he drops her off he gets into a cab and starts heading home halfway Johnny goes into a very long sleep. Then, 4&1/2 years later, he wakes up from his sleep.
After four and a half years in a very deep sleep, he wakes up to find out that the world had changed and that his used to be girlfriend, now ex girlfriend, is married to a man named? OOOPS almost gave it away. Sorry but you’re going to have to read the book and find out! Also, he finds out he has an extraordinary power. But in the end Johnny does, and also has, something bad happen to him. Remember what I said in the beginning that everyone dies in the end, well that’s a true thing about this book.
The reason I would recommend this book is because the book really captures the sense that “there is no hope for those who have sinned”-Vera smith Johnny’s mother. So I hope you enjoy the dead zone by Stephen King “pick it up at your local book store”

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