The Back Door of Midnight by Elilzabeth Chandler

October 23, 2012
By Anonymous

The Back Door of Midnight
Elizabeth Chandler brings Anna to Wisteria where her family is know for being crazy in the novel The Back Door of Midnight.
Anna gets a letter from her uncle to come visit him in Wisteria for her last summer before college. When she arrives not only does she find herself staying next to the cutest most popular guy in Wisteria, Zach, she finds out her Uncle is dead. Her family is known to have psychic powers or are they really just crazy like everyone assumes. She doesn’t believe that her family has psychic powers, but yet she knows their not crazy. Struggling with everyone judging her she sees that something’s not right in her uncles death so she decides to investigate. During her investigation she starts to get “visions” during her sleep that bring her closer to the truth but further from the cute charming Zach. She gets closer and closer to the truth until she uncovers something that can change everything. The results Anna finds will shock you.
Chandler shows so much will power, suspense, and mystery in her book. Anna is a brave girl who won’t let anyone or anything stop her from reaching her goal. All the insults, lies, torture she gets from others just gives her more will power to find the truth. Nothing can stop her once she gets her mind to it.

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