Matched by Allie Condie

October 22, 2012
By ShyPuppy1966 BRONZE, Castro Valley, California
ShyPuppy1966 BRONZE, Castro Valley, California
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Allie Condie transports you to a new world, Society and learn the new rules in her book Matched.

Cassia Reyes lives in a society where everything is chosen for you. She put all her trust into the Society. After all they make sure you get a long healthy life, perfection of a job, and the person you are most compatible with. When an error occurs after her matching with her best friend, she soon learns that something highly unlikely is about to happen. When another guys picture pops up on her match card. She has to make a choice. Stay with what Society made for you. Or make your own choice in life where everything was chosen for you.

Cassia reminds me of me a couple years ago when she starts falling for the second guy. When you think everything is perfect and all of a sudden, it’s not as perfect as it seems. I could only imagine how she really feels.

Condie shows that no one really is perfect. Not even when everything is chosen for you. Cassia soon realizes that mistakes are even made in a perfect place. She notices when she needs to come to one guy when she is attracted to both in very different ways.

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