It's Our Time

October 25, 2012
By Carolinethechipmunk BRONZE, Oak Bluffs Massachusetts, Massachusetts
Carolinethechipmunk BRONZE, Oak Bluffs Massachusetts, Massachusetts
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It’s our time is an emotional story about two girls who fall in love. In the beginning one of the main girls in the story is bullied. Towards the end of the story the two girls pretend they are going to prom but instead the go to the bridge nearby and they both say they are going to jump off. Only one girl jumps off the bridge. On her way down they make eye contact. Then, the girl
watches her smash from jumping off of the bridge.

This story is overwhelming. I was confused, sad, scared, and giggly at times of the story. This writer is great. She made me stay on the edge of my seat the whole time. I really enjoyed her word choices and how she exaggerated on certain things but made other things quick and sharp. She was great at making an image in my head and helping me grasp the plot of the story. I really think that Stina Perkins might have had a personal experience that had to do with the outline story. Maybe she had a life growing up where people hated on her and made her feel sad like the main character in the story. I feel like I can agree with main character because just walking down the hallway at school I see bullying and people picking on one another. I feel the pain she is talking about every day when she gets up in the morning to go to school. I feel the embarrassment she feels from simply looking at the kids in my own school and life.

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