The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

October 22, 2012
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The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins takes you into a horrifying suspenseful place of district 12 and the sacrifice of loved ones with The Hunger Games.
The capitol is surrounded by twelve districts. The capitol is the worst place ever because they choose one boy and one girl from each district to go to the annual hunger games, a fight basically kill everybody but one person. A girl from district 12 Katniss Everdeen worried that her and her sister don’t get chosen for this year’s hunger games tries to calm her sister down so she doesn’t get nervous. Since its it’s her sisters first year in the bowl she doesn’t think she has a greater chance to get called not like Katniss that has her name in the jar more than once.
As all of district 12 is all gathered in the square Prime Everdeen is called up first but Katniss goes to the middle of the row as volunteers as tribute for district 12 girl. Her family and friends are devastated with her decision. The boy tribute is Peeta the backer’s son that once gave Katniss bread. Katniss promises her sister that she will try to win the hungers games for her.
Katniss reminds me of myself in the way that she would do anything for her sister just so that nothing ever happens to her and that she is always safe. I can relate to this because I would do anything for my brothers and sisters so that nothing ever happens to them.
Collins shows the love that a teenager has for her sister so she won’t have to be separated from her mother and family at a very young age.

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