Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

October 11, 2012
By Anonymous

Book Review:
Hush, Hush: First Book
Becca Fitzpatrick

In the action packed, romance novel, ‘Hush, Hush’, the reader is presented with a normal, average girl, whose life is changed by a dark, mysterious boy. At first, Nora Grey is torn with him. When she is forced as his biology partner, she cannot stand his lack of concern and inability to cooperate. At the same time though; it almost reels her in. As in all love stories, she eventually falls for him. She falls in love with his dark side, just as much as his honest side. But there’s one side of Patch she can’t stand: His secretive side. Just when she begins to fall for him, she finds he found her with other intensions. She doesn’t know whom to believe until it all unfolds before her eyes. With his stellar looks, and undermining ability to make her melt in his arms makes her wonder if he’d fallen from Heaven. She never would have guessed that that was exactly what he’d done. This mystery keeps you wanting to know answers. And this romance wants you wanting more Patch and Nora. One of the best series I’ve read by far; perfect mixture of romance and action. I could not put it down. I read the first three books in five days. Ladies will love it. Guaranteed. But ladies, you’ve been warned. After you read this, you’ll be wondering what’s wrong with your boyfriends. Because I’d lay money on it, none of them could measure up to that piece of heaven. Literally. But if you read the first book, there’s no turning back, you’ll be hooked, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Happy reading!

The author's comments:
I loved these books, but then again I love most books. The past few times I have read books, I've been lucky enough to lock myself into 4 AMAZING series in a row. Take a look at my other reviews and you'll know what I mean. Enjoy :)

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