I am Here! by Ema Toyama

October 10, 2012
By xXxUnbreakablexXx BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
xXxUnbreakablexXx BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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In Ema Toyama's, I am Here! tells the hardships Hikage Sumino has to face in eigth grade. This story was one of the first manga I have read, so I thought it would be happy and joyful (by the looks of the cover). But instead I found it really relatable to some kids in school. The manga was totally different from the others I have red. Reason being is that it shows that it relates to something in real life,kids, for example being invisible to others. I am Here! can be told as a realistic fiction, since it can possibly happen in real life.
I am Here! taes place at a middle school. Hikage is an eighth grader, but is trying to make new friends. But, once school started she goes to the hospital and is gone for two months. She is in desperate need to make new friends this year, but upon arriving back everyone has made cliques without her.

Hikage Sumino is an eighth grade girl who seems to be invisible to everyone. She tries to make friends ever since she was little. Once she reached junior high she had made the decision to make at leas three friends. Sadly an accident occurred so Hikage couldn’t make those friends. So instead she makes a blog. Once starting the blog Hikage noticed no ever came on or ever saw her blog, after a few months she finally got someone to comment on her blog. Now her only new friends are Mega Pig and Black Rabbit, two mysterious people from the web shes never met in person.

Ema Toyama has made a real life situation into a story. She shows that not everybody gets noticed but there's always that one person who does. Like Pixie pop, I am Here! shows relatable life experiences. But, the difference between I am Here! and Pixie Pop is that I am Here! shows the courage and difficulties of fitting into society and making friends. While Pixie Pop tells the bravery and responsibility the character faces.

In Conclusion I am Here! is a page turner. Its brilliantly drawn and can possibly relate to you in many way. It's the kind of book that'll make you wonder and see if its happening in your daily society as well.

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