Mystery at the Olympics Rush For The Gold by John Feinstein

October 10, 2012
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John Feinstein's book Mystery at the Olympics Rush For The Gold, is a dramatic exciting page turner. Set in the 2012 London Olympic Games, a young 16 year old swimmer named Susan Carol from the United States passes through all of the trials needed to make it to London, now enters the 2012 London Olympic Games hopeful she can win gold in swimming, now is in a contract deal with her agents who will do anything to see Susan win gold.

Looking at the book I did not know what to expect. But it surprised me because of the detail and descriptions an athlete might go through. Also, this book was a thrill shocker because my normal thoughts on what would happen in the book were completely wrong. This book was surprising also because the mystery was a mystery that I did not expect to happen and was very unusual. Mystery at the Olympics Rush For The Gold is filled with excitement, drama, action, and surprisingly amazing finishes that left me shocked. You would think an athlete one especially going into the Olympics would only focus on what he or she is there for and that is to win gold. But Susan Carol is an athlete that I have never heard of or seen. She cares about her swimming but not only that she cares about her friends, family, and her as so called “boyfriend”. Also very athletic and determined to do what is best for her career and is independent on her swimming and swims with a lot of confidence that helps her in the long run for the Olympics.

I suggest any athlete, sports related fan, and people who enjoyed watching the London Olympics to try to read this book cause it is so fascinating and I can for sure tell you that you will love it.

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