The Break-up Bible by Melissa Kantor

October 10, 2012
By Morgan Chipman BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
Morgan Chipman BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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The Break-up Bible by Melissa Kantor, is a fiction book about a girl that lives in New York named Jennifer and her struggle to get over her ex-boyfriend, Max that had just recently broken up with her. Jennifer is so depressed, she doesn't go to school for days, so her Grandmother gets her a book that she thinks will solve all of her problems. It's called, The Break-Up Bible. She doesn't have much hope in it at all, but she starts to read it anyways throughout this book.
She finds out the book might be a little helpful..
The characters are Jennifer; the main character, Max; her ex-boyfriend, Clara; one of her best friends, Martha; her other best friend, Danny; her brother. And lastly, her mom and dad.The author shows great detail in the characters emotions and feelings. She made the story very fun to read and entertaining. But one weakness of this great story, was sometimes the author took a while to get to the point of some of the chapters. The writer, Melissa Kantor, has also wrote “Confessions of a not it girl” and, “If I have a wicked stepmother, where's my prince?” These books would probably be recommended for young teens-teenagers that like books with a little bit of romance and some humor. Kantor also won a 2006 American Library Association teens' top 10 awards. In my opinion, this is a great book. And I hope that everyone who reads it thinks it's a great book too.

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