The Double Eagle by James Twining

October 10, 2012
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Gunfire, action, million-dollar heists, romance, secret agents; James Twining has it all in his book The Double Eagle. We start out in the shoes of Tom Kirk, a world class art thief from Paris, who after years of success wants to be done. All that changes though when Tom is given the opportunity of his life: help the American feds investigate an impossible heist on Fort Knox and get a clean record, or refuse to help and take the blame. This is one of those books that's sitting on the shelf, you see it's there, you know you have to read something, so in the end you reluctantly open it, sit down, and begin to read. This situation perfectly describes how I came to read this tale. The only problem was when I started I couldn't put it down! The book literally starts off in a classic action scene where blood is shed, and it completely starts off the conflict for the whole book. After reading, I started researching what people had to say about it. One reoccurring thought was, "The James Bond writer of 2012". Although its an older book, I recommend it to anyone, any age, and any gender! As the story progresses Tom works with agent Jennifer Brown, so the view point really flips around. If your looking for some high-point action or just mystery this is definitely the way to go.

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