The Trouble With Liberty by Kristin Butcher

October 9, 2012
By shriya BRONZE, Castro Valley, California
shriya BRONZE, Castro Valley, California
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The Trouble With Liberty!by Kristin Butcher

Kristen Butcher brings you into the world of teenagers and the drama they have to deal with on the regular basis with her CCBC "Our Choice" selection award winning book The Trouble With Liberty.Val is a normal teenager who has a lot of drama around her.She's trying to keep both of her bestfriends together and be on good terms with both of them.As usual,things doesn't work out.She has to pick either one or the other.She has a lot of decisions to make but she really can't pick either one of them because she loves them both dearly.With the help of her brother Cody , she just might be able to make the right decision.Val lives with her family and goes to Clarence Cobb Regional Secondary School.She is a teenager trying to get good grades and make her parents proud.After meeting Liberty in the middle of the school year at a horse racing track , Val's life changes.Val wasn't really the "popular" type.Liberty was pretty and rich so everyone was surrounding her.Val felt like this was her only chance to be that "popular"girl in school that she has always wanted to be.She was little thrown off about the fact that her very own bestfriend Ryan wanted nothing to do with Liberty.Val wanted to get to the bottom of it.After knowing what Ryan had to say , she was shocked.Val started questioning everything.A huge incident happened in school with Liberty but as a witness Ryan told her different.Val was in a dilemma.She refuses to believe what Ryan had said was true.Her relationship with both Ryan and Liberty was going downhill , but after the truth came out Val had a different perspective about Liberty.She was through with her so called "bestfriend" Liberty.With the help of her loved ones Val gets to the bottom of the situation.

Butcher shows how much people value their friendship.Val learns that she needs to stop believing what's on the outside and needs to work on her relationship with her bestfriend Ryan.Both of them and Cody need learn that they need to let go of that incident and move on.

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