It Happened to Nancy

September 26, 2012
By stephaniefryckman123 BRONZE, Nipomo, California
stephaniefryckman123 BRONZE, Nipomo, California
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In the book It happened to Nancy a young fourteen year old girl explains the events of her situation leading to the knowledge of her having HIV, and how she copes with being sick weighing on her life. She has a love she thought was forever but instead deceives her and takes her purity. He rapes and drugs her and disappears never to be seen again. She later becomes ill and discovers that she has HIV and overcomes it by telling people her side of what happened. She later falls in love with a boy and they commit to one each other to be married. She describes in this story of what she wants out of life and how she wants to publish it to tell of the events that forever changed her life. This book is Nancy’s story that she told of her story like Speak and how they both overcame their rapes and fought through it and never looked back. Nancy’s story was published after she had ended her fight with HIV but she had a dream that her story was her and she ended her life with her dream coming true.

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