State of Fear

September 26, 2012
Chaos appears slowly, like a creeping fog, surrounding the numerous protagonists and antagonists of the novel in a veil of uncertainty containing murder, millions of dollars stolen, and the plan to wreak havoc on every member of Earth’s population. The graduate student who knows nothing of what the conniving beauty has planned for him and his experiment; the billionaire trying to invest in environmental preservation acts; the submarine renter trying to understand what a strange man would need a military-grade sea bearing vessel for; and through it all, the lawyer, favored by his billionaire boss, struggling to find out how it all makes sense; all are involved in this twisting tale of doubt, secrets, and stains red enough no one wants to question the one who caused them. This novel is not for the heartwarming effect, rather for those readers who revel in the mystery of actions that when preformed in small, discreet offices are felt worldwide.

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