The Enemy by Charlie Higson

October 4, 2012
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'The Enemy', by Charlie Higison is an amazing book that shows how kids in modern world Europe have to survive on their own when every adult in the world gets infected with a virus and turns them into flesh eating zombies!

The book has no main characters because it circulates to every kid that you are reading about, but there is one kid that is the leader and his name is Arron. He is the most bravest, smartest guy in the small group of 20 kids that are with him, he has to make a hard chose of leaving the place that the kids know really well and built to defend for ever , or move to a kingdom in witch they will die if they stay in Waitrose( the main place where you start reading at). But on one of the scavenger party’s something comes across Arron’s mind and he thinks, maybe, just maybe he could see his mom in the zombie that is about to bit him. I cant tell you the rest, that for you to read. The one thing I didn’t get is why they just wouldn’t get in cars and not have to walk everywhere and get killed so easy, it seems right when the story rotates to one person , 'BAM' something happens to him or her and you feel bad because they had so much to do in life. I personally loved the book, it was the best book I read in a long time! I recommend it to everyone who like adventure and action books!

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