"Tilt" by Alan Cumyn

October 1, 2012
By Dominic Richardson BRONZE, Auburn, New York
Dominic Richardson BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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The dramatic,funny novel Tilt by Alan Cumyn is about 16 year old loner Stan who wants to make the junior varsity basketball team but he gets distracted by the love he has for Janine Igwash. But he has to deal with with his past which includes the abandonment of his father.
In the novel Stan’s dad comes back from not being in Stan’s life. Also he shows up with his four year old half brother. Which causes Stan to stray from school,home life and basketball,it also causes drama within Stan’s family and it affects his emotions. The genre of the novel Tilt is romantic/comedy drama. The genre fits the novel because most of the book has many examples of drama. There were many aspects of drama used in the story. What I find interesting about the writing style of the novel is that there was a lot of drama used in the novel. It was very dramatic and surprising that Stan’s dad returns after many years without seeing his father.

Ron- Stan’s father- “was in the bathroom running hot water for Feldon the kid who’d split apart the whole family”. The writing style of the novel Tilt is very dramatic. This writing style gives the reader a description of how Stan’s life is hard. There are many examples of how Stan’s life is difficult.

Many people should read the novel Tilt by Alan Cumyn. This novel has comedy humor and dramatic events. Tilt describes the life of a teenager. Many more people should read this novel so you can understand what teenagers go through.

Tilt was selected by the Junior Library Guild as one of the best young adult novels of 2011. It took Alan Cumyn a long time to write Tilt because he wanted to connect this to young adults. Young adults should read Tilt so they can connect to character Stan’s situation.

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