The Ascension by Michael Carrol

October 1, 2012
By TheAmazingWill BRONZE, Auburn, New York
TheAmazingWill BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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The Ascension
by Michael Carrol
Review by William Mosier

What would you do if you had super powers. The book The Ascension takes place in

the United States of America during the present time. In the story a group of super humans

must stop Krodin, an immortal warrior from over 4,000 years ago who wants to have control

over the entire human race. The story is told through the eyes of Roz, Abby, Thunder, and

lance, all of which have powers except for lance.

Roz Dalton is the 15 year old younger sister of a famous superhero Max Dalton who is

rich and has the power to read and control minds. Roz has the power of telekinesis but it is

limited to the extent that she can only lift objects of her own weight.

Abby is 16 years old who lives in a run down apartment with her mother, older sister

and 4 younger brothers. Abby is super strong but her strength is limited to working only on

metallic objects.

Thunder is 16 years old and lives with his mother stepfather and stepsister. Thunder

has the ability to control air to create shock waves, hear for miles, cancel out noise, and even


Brawn is 16 and is kept in a prison because most people consider him a super villain.

Brawn is 4 meters tall, he is muscular, his skin is blue and his eyes have no pupils. When

Brawn transformed into what he is now he was 12 and in church and everyone panicked. The

boy he once was is considered by authorities to be dead. People fear him because he puts off

an odor that affects people subconsciously.

Lance is 14 years old and does not have any powers but he is very clever and has a

lot of experience as a con artist. Lances parents and his older brother were killed by the super

villain slaughter after the groups first battle with Krodin. Lance annoys many other characters

because he never stops talking and making jokes.

When the group first fought Krodin a super human named Pyrokine who could turn

matter into energy helped them to fight Krodin and sacrificed himself to vaporize them both. It

later turned out that Krodin had been sent back 6 years in the past where he was able to work

his way into a position of power without any problems. With the help of Casey, another super

human with a very high IQ Krodin brought technology ahead decades but ruled like a dictator.

The group were able to get to Krodin’s base in Louisiana but beating him would be near

impossible because he is nearly invincible.

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