After the snow by S.D Crockett

October 1, 2012
I have recently read the book after the snow by S.D Crockett, and it was a nice piece of literature. I really enjoyed the books cliffhangers and mystery type style, along with the action and other interesting features it brought to the table. The book starts off with a male character named willow around the age of 15, who has to go through some tough encounters with nature and others in order to find something most dearest to him.

Now, the book does start out kind of confusing, which may deter you from continuing on with the reading. But i assure you it is well worth the wait, About 40 pages in you start to understand why they opened up the book like that, and i found it to be quite cool. Now i'm not quite sure when this book takes place, i'm assuming during the Great Depression because of the way they describe the towns and people, as well as why willow and his family disliked the city life, and moved into the wilderness somewhat under the radar. Ever since they moved into the great snowy wilderness, they have been solely dependant on themselves for food water and clothing in order to survive the harsh tundra. They also have been trading animal hides and unnecessary items to a family “friend” in order to obtain items from the city in which they cannot make themselves, such as potato’s and knives etc..

Later on in the Book, the familys life gets a little interrupted per say and that leads to willow having to go out by himself to the city in order to find something and someone in order to survive. On his way to the city, he is confronted by a woman around his age named mary, who is the second main character in this book and is very malnourished. He then helps her and guides them to the city with him, And against willows better judgement mary actually turns out to be a helpful ally in the city because apparently mary used to live here not too long ago before her and her family moved out into the wilderness like willows did. This is where the action starts to kick in as mary and willow are faced with challenge after challenge of surviving in the citys with the desperate hungry people willing to do anything to stay fed and warm.

Now, willow also has an odd thing about him which i won't go too much in depth into. But he likes to wear a dog skull around and he believes that it talks to him, gives him strength and guides him on the right path. Its basically his conscience. Its a cool little spin that gives the book a little different spin on things. If i could rate this book, i would give it 4 out of 5 stars, it was a very easy read but the only thing i have to complain about would be the confusion that it sends you into sometimes, other than that this book was a great read and i would recommend it to anyone.

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