The Girl In The Park by Mariah Fredricks

September 30, 2012
By tpaige94 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
tpaige94 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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Would you ever wonder why you think you were being followed or thinking you were crazy? Why would ever want to be alone? Do you feel like you don’t have friends or that your friends don’t care about you? Well in this book called “The Girl In The Park” by Mariah Fredericks, this girl experiences things she thought she would never have to face. Secrets, friend betray, being lonely,death and a lot of other things. Why would you even think about putting your child through this?
In this book you will have experience mixed emotions. some will make you second guess yourself. On the other hand you may feel as if you are part of the thing in this book that made me wonder was “ They found her... Found is like she’s not a person. Not a living...” When you read this what goes through your mind? the things that went through my mind was” Who is she?” I she a friend, a enemy,her sister or her mother? With this book it will change your life. you with think twice before going somewhere your not suppose to be. Do you think someone else breaks the rules? Do they get caught this time? All I know is that in my eyes I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes.
In a preparatory school you experience some different things unlike us who go to a public school. For instance, you don’t let go of things as fast as we do or things travel way faster around the school then ours. For example , when this girl was allegedly missing it travels fast. Also, if you were this girl would you be open about trying to steal this guy even though he had a girlfriend? Well this girl was, even though she didn’t fit in she was all about trying to fit in . She had to get what she wanted ands she knew exactly how to get it.
What would posses you to become a horrible person? Why would you shut out the world? In this case she did whatever she could to get what she wanted. Even if it was hurting her loved ones.
On the other hand, Rain who thinks everything is her fault experiences a lot of things throughout this book. Rain has some things that is wrong with her but she doesn’t let that get in her way of her trying to make friends. Even though Rain thinks there is nothing wrong with her, she has a speech impediment. How would you react if you was talking to someone and you realized they didn’t sound normal? would you be mean and not talk to them? would you be startled but then realize they are normal just like you? Rain thinks so one likes her and feels like shes not worth anything. What is she going to do? Is she going to …? We will just have to wait and see what happens.

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