Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

September 30, 2012
By Anonymous

I’m always looking for an adventure in real life or a book. Beth Fantaskey is an amazing author and really brings the grey areas of life to light. Her novel really draws the reader into to a whole new world. The first time I picked up this book I was captured on the first page. It truly made me feel as though I was there. I felt as though I was the main character. The story is told through Jessica Packwood’s perspective; she is the main character and a long lost princess.

The romance and adventure is why I love this story so much. The romance in this book is something I’ve always wanted to experience and through this book I did. The adventure is appealing; it brings you into situations that really make you stop and think.

Jessica Packwood an everyday American teenager going through her senior of high school. When her life is flipped upside down by her past being brought to the present Jessica is lost on what to do. Through the story you see everything play out through her eyes. She struggles with finally being forced to see the grey shades of life, but soon when she realizes the truth in them, she dominates in them. Jessica is a girl with an attitude but you can’t help but love her.
Lucius Vladescu is a vampire heartthrob, who is a bad boy gentleman. He’s mysterious and dangerous, but totally loveable. He’s got this arrogance that pulls you into his perspective on life. Raised as a prince in Romania, Lucius sees himself almost as a god. He proves though that he is loyal, trustworthy, and fiercely protective throughout the story. He’ll always keep you guessing on what happens next.

Jessica is adopted from Romania when she was still very, very young. She was adopted after her parents are killed by village people fearing the vampire race. Jessica’s real name is Anastasia Dragomir and though she knows, she prefers not to use it. The author is a huge fan of foreshadowing which becomes a huge part in the story. ““I suppose this really was inevitable......” She had a queer, distant look in her eyes.” (Page 17.) Jessica grows up quickly during this story and at the end of it all she changes to meet her true potential.

This story is full of great characters. They become so real. The descriptions she uses appeals to all the senses. “As I lay there hating them both, my teeth began to ache. At first it was just a small, dull pain, but every time the sound of Faith and Lucius’s mock battle carried to my ears, the hurt grew sharper, until it was almost like my teeth were too tightly wedged in my mouth, straining against my gums and I wanted to claw them, to pull them out, to find some way, the key, that would release them to become what they so desperately wanted to be.” (Pages 200-201.) The author makes you feel as though you're experiencing everything for yourself. She really makes this book enjoyable.

This book has many themes and main ideas. Personally my favorite and the two biggest in the story are fallow your heart, and believe in the impossible, because sometimes it is just possible. Love with all your heart no matter what. Your heart is the best guide there is. During this story it’s proven over and over again. Believe in what doesn’t seem possible because sometimes it’s possible, in my opinion this story is the best example of it. The world is a place with so many wonders and mysteries that the impossible really may be possible.

If anyone is a hero in this book it is Jessica. I can’t say what happens in it would give away the end but Jessica deserves a lot of credit. She is a courageous young woman. Jessica is a true hero.

Jessica’s Guide To Dating On The Dark Side is a story based a lot on folklore. It is extremely fascinating to learn about the different cultures. This book will give you a whole new outlook on American culture, and give you a new view of cultures around the world. The differences and similarities of the cultures are so shocking. There so much in this book. It will always keep one satisfied.
This book has so many suspenseful moments. I fell in love with it the first moment I read it. With everything that happens in this book it really will thrill the reader. This book is amazing and will forever be something I recommend.

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