You, Maybe by Rachel Vail

September 30, 2012
By Anonymous

You, Maybe
By: Rachel Vail

You, Maybe by Rachel Vail is a teenage relationship book. This book was trying to show how girls let themselves get pulled in by guys and try to change anything about themselves in order to make these guys happy.
From running little kids birthday parties and doing magic tricks dressed as Tallulah the Clown, her life is full and uncomplicated. That is Josie, a teenage girl who doesn't believe in love. She criticizes any girl who wants to be in a relationship because she feels that makes girls vulnerable and feels that they can corrupt you. Until one day, a very special day that is, a day that she might never forget.
"Love is a brat," Josie's new crush, Carson, says. "Whatever you don't love, loves you. But whatever you love kicks your butt." Carson Gold isn't just any boy. Hes the hottest senior in the school and the one everyone just stops and stares at with their jaw completely wide open. Josie on the other hand is just happy hanging out with her two best friends, Zandra and Tru, and her longtime best friend Michael. This guy really doesn't mean anything to her because she doesn't believe in love. Josie doesn't think you need a guy in your life in order for you to have a fun time. Although it is true that she and Michael make out frequently, but they're still just friends in her eyes, and thats all she wants. Until the day Carson realizes who Josie is and that he's interested in her, and things start to get a little frisky between the two of them. What happened to never wanting to falling in love? Where does this adventure lead too? Who means more to her Carson or Michael?
Josie is my favorite character in this book, I feel I can relate most to her. She’s my age, and has the same personality as me, why need a boy in life when you have other things in life that are more important to focus o. She makes me feel as if I was her going through these choices she had to make, and I had to choose myself. The novel described about relationship’s very truthfully. It was honest in its representation of a teenage girl who changes herself for a guy and then finds out he doesn’t love her. Even though Josie ends up turning into the girl she hates, I think by the end she is better off with the guy she has chosen to be with. This book was trying to show how girls let themselves get pulled in by guys and try to change anything about themselves in order to make these guys happy.
I recommend this book to all female teenagers, it really shows different aspects of life and how sometimes you may need to make hard decisions on your own. I never wanted to put this book down, chapter after chapter, there was something new I wanted to know so I would always just keep reading. Rachel Vail really caught my attention with the book You, Maybe, with all the descriptive characters and intense scenes. I'm sure she would catch your eye too! Read this book to find out what Josie ends up doing in the end. Carson or Michael? Who might it be?

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