The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

September 28, 2012
By bretspureawesomness BRONZE, Brownsburg, Indiana
bretspureawesomness BRONZE, Brownsburg, Indiana
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The Outsiders will make you look at and change your perspective on life. This will make you ponder at night and dream because of its great detail and fluency. Your face will turn red and warm while little droplets sprint down your face. When you have a battle, it looks like a speck of dust compared to greasers versus the snotty rich kids (the Socs). The challenges the greasers face are not what anybody should ever have to face. In this book little details have the biggest importance.
S.E Hinton, the author, is a writer who captures your heart and keeps you locked in to her cage (the book). She shows exquisite detail. Her pencil writes like a poet and brilliant news line catcher. She comes from the planet Amazing Writing and nobody knows how she got here.
Ponyboy is the main character in the novel. He is a dreamer that reaches for the star. His green eyes resemble his dreaming mind. Darry the big brother has broad shoulders resemble his toughness and superiority over Pony. He has a soft side to him though that makes him a caring brother. His cold blue and green eyes make him tuff and a dreamer at the same time. Dally is the big tuff guy who is so real that it is frightening to even think about. Ice blue eyes resemble his toughness and realness. Two-Bit’s personality and his light- hearted spirit show comic relief in The Outsiders. Johnny is the kid who is kicked out of his house each night and runs to stay in lots to sleep. Dark brown eyes show his kindness and innocence. (He’s Gold)
Pony’s voice is like a cub and Darry is the alpha wolf. Darry is care giver to Pony and keeps him safe in the harsh neighborhood. Pony has two side personalities that are constantly at war. The longed haired greasers take on the over privileged Socs from the West side.
When wolves fight for a territory is like the coward battle of the rumble. This is because there will be no change no matter what happens. Pony woke up like a bird perched on the steps worrying where he is. It was just another day of acting like a criminal waiting to be taken to big house.
Everyone starts gold writes S.E Hinton. What she meant by this was as kids grow up “nothing gold can stay”. It is like a sad movie the character starts gold and ends in a dull gray. But there is still hope and ends up like a gallant star. Eyes resemble what a character is. S.E. Hinton has a deeper message than just the story because of this you should read this because it will be changing your life by the page.

The author's comments:
it was a class book and i realy loved it

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