September 26, 2012
By Anonymous

By Laurie Halse Anderson ? Hardcover, 250 pages

If you have read the New York Times best-selling novel Speak, you should read another of her best-selling book Twisted. She returns with a story about a Tyler miller, a loser in high school, who decides to get noticed. It happens all in a summer in George Washington High. When Tyler goes form nerdy boy to the bad boy. And finally gets noticed by only his biggest crush since seventh grade, Bethany Milbury. The only problem is that his biggest enemy Chip, the lacrosse linebacker, is Bethany’s evil twin brother. People do stupid things in order to get noticed by someone. Anderson writes Twisted in a humorous way in order to keep those teenagers not stop until their done. Anderson provides incredible details of what people, teens, are capable of doing. Twisted is a book that really gets you wanting to read more. Anderson draws the reader into a hilarious comedy.

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